How to Vape CBD

How to Vape CBD

Quitting smoking for many people is a struggle.

One thing that I find helpful for controlling and managing smoking behaviour is to have a variety of tools around the house that I use for different occasions. Usually smoking for people is like scratching an itch. They have a stressful period in life. They need to relax or have a day of just being still.

When you have that need to smoke, you want to make sure you have the right tools around. And when you have scratched that itch, it is much easier to just stop. That’s how I find my smoking behaviour of late. Weeks will pass and I won’t smoke anything at all. And then I will just get to a point where I say Oh God….I really need herbs in my life right now.

CBD gives the luxury of consuming a cannabis extract without the intoxicating effect of THC. It is consumed as an Oil, and Isolate or wax extract. It also comes as a liquid and you can purchase flowers that are high CBD low THC mixes. It may take some time to find out what works for you. But doing so will serve you much better than just continuing to hit your corner store for that pack of winnie blue.

So in the long run you may own a vape for oils, a vape for waxes, a vape for CBD crystals and one for flowers. That’s a lot of hardware I know. But getting the tools right and having some water filters can really may smoking occasionally a low impact behaviour that serves your health and doesn’t hamper it.

Generally we don’t recommend people be complacent with smoking and the same applies for CBD. It should only be smoked for a purpose.

CBD can have a variety of effects. It can make one feel more centred. It can make you more energised, focused. It can often take away that feeling that you are going to loose you noodle because life is fighting you.

How we live and what we consume in life makes up the craft of how we live. Don’t be complacent with smoking CBD. Use it as something that gives you what you seek from smoking. Relaxation, focus, medication. Only use it when you need it. And by getting in the right consumption habits, people will be able to smoke a little and live long healthy lives without the smoking risks the last generation had with Tobacco consumption.

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