CBD and Marketing Speak – We are seeing Bad Things already.

CBD and Marketing Speak – We are seeing Bad Things already.

So I am at this point building CBD.TV myself by hand and that means that I am reading a lot of the product information and claims myself as they are added to our shop.

First thing that I will say is that a lot of brands are doing a great job. Some not so much though and I say that because I am reading things already that I don’t like and don’t agree with. Very sales / marketing focused type language that I think amounts to what is ultimately bad health advice and bad CBD advice.

We are not going to address this right away and when we do will try not to throw brands under the bus. Maybe what we will do is simply tackle the topics without mentioning the brands or the claims.

The best advice we can give to brands entering the market is give health or consumption advice as if you were giving it to your own family. Would you tell you Children to smoke CBD every day for their health? Probably not. So if you apply that standard to your marketing text, that will help guide what you write.

We will be addressing some general marketing claims and health issues related to CBD soon on CBD.TV

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