What are High CBD Cannabis Strains and are they for you?

What are High CBD Cannabis Strains and are they for you?

Cannabis cultivation is an art. There are now many companies heavily invested in bringing new cannabis strains into the market. One of the more recent innovations in the are of Cannabis Cultivation is that of high CBD strains. Most online seed shops will have a menu dedicated to high CBD strains.

So what is a high CBD strain? Simply a plant that produces a measurably higher percentage of CBD to THC. As far as effects go this generally means the plant will be less sedative and intoxicating and be more uplifting and energising, an effect typically associated with CBD.

CBD has been found to have positive effects on a range of medical conditions including:
– Epilepsy
– Inflammation
– Multiple Sclerosis
And many more.

One way to experiment with high CBD strains is to buy a CBD seed mix pack. Try the CBD Mix by Royal Queen Seeds. This mix has a range of CBD strains from energising CBD rich Sativas to more mellow Indicas such as the Medical Mass strain that is basically Stank crossed with the high CBD Medical Madre.

Another CBD Strain that has received a lot of attention is the Charlottes web strain that was developed to treat a child suffering from Epilepsy.

In conclusion, CBD strains are plants that have a high concentration of CBD in comparison to typical Cannabis strains. These strains can be helpful to a range of medical conditions that have shown to respond well to the chemical compound cannabidiol.

We recommend doing research before choosing to consume any medications and if you do try some high CBD strains ease in with moderate doses.

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