CBD POP: Tash’s Tunes Be Bangin. But is the message right for our future?

CBD POP: Tash’s Tunes Be Bangin. But is the message right for our future?

This article is going to be a long one. 

This is our first pop culture post on CBD.TV and it kind of fits as you will see when we publish the decode video we promised to YouTube. 

This post is really about sharing the deep occultism behind transgenderism. 

I did a few deep articles on Medical Topics a few years ago on a publication that is no longer live. Being honest I really didn’t get any feedback on that work at all. However on the topics I covered I did see some progress in media coverage. I didn’t really credit that progress to our work. At the end of the day we took a lot of our information and guidance from other medical and political leaders in the USA. But just as some general info on how we work, we wake up every morning and look out into the the world and look for positive change then try and capitalise and move forward on that change. 

What I noticed recently is that a variety of personalities were furthering conversations about these very awkward occult medical topics. Many that are controlled and managed beneath very deep very dark masonic secrecy contracts. If you want to know what the benefits of practicing or being involved in something like Masonry is – don’t think along the lines of being in the in club or the in circle with a group of powerful elites. That’s not what the practice is about. A better way to think about it is as you progress in your study and practice you will ultimately be graced with more ability to influence gods kingdom. The creator ultimately has grand plans for us all. But he can’t download you the whole piece overnight. It’s simply to big, too complex, too important to protect that he needs to kind of ease you into the wisdom slowly. 

So when I saw these people coming out of the woodwork and furthering conversation on these medical topics, with our work we are not of the spirit to engage in dark occult conversation and then send men out along scary dark walking planks and then leaving them alone to face the consequence of their action with no support. If you practice your craft you should be thinking about the consequences of your work output the same way. So what we will do with our work sometimes is just pick out people that we think are doing good work, reference them maybe with some concealed message or meaning and highlight to our people what we think they are saying is important or not. We don’t get a paycheck for doing this. But again as you start to think differently about energy stores, like money for example, the value return isn’t always about cash. When we pull these beings out of the brickwork and reference them, one benefit you could think of for example is what we call energetic return. This is a concept we have developed ourselves and will be teaching more about in the future. 

So now let’s talk about this stuff in the context of transgenderism. 

The cover image is obviously Tash Sultana. A Musician from Australia with dubious and unholy associations with the dubious and unholy region of Malta. When Tash became famous the story went that she was busking on the streets and started putting her stuff on YouTube and all of a sudden blew up. When I heard that story I kind of thought to myself “No you didn’t just blow up sweet heart you initiated into a unholy cult who abuse and extract our energy.” I’m not saying that’s what she actually did, Im just saying that’s how I felt. 

I’ll give you just one example of my grievance with Tash’s work. I just feel when I see her running around stages in LA and around the USA saying to the crowd “Yay for gender diversity, Yay for gender fluditity” it’s not the right message and it’s not a sufficient enough message. So that you don’t think this article is about breaking a single artists balls, now I will go through with you the deep deep detail of some of the sexuality and occult issues related to transgenderism so that we can further our understanding. Because the truth is we can understand these concepts in finite detail. 

These are some of the basic sexual concepts you need to understand. 

Basically the male orgasm is an energetic transmutation. It’s quite a positive one and one that I would describe as having a mild medicating effect. So if you ever find out that people in media or online channels are commenting on this basic bodily function the response is simple and goes something like.

  • Fuck you
  • Fuck Off
  • Mind your own fuckin business. 

I haven’t studied the female orgasm yet but I would imagine it is a similar kind of transmutation. 

I’ll reference a biblical story just in real general terms because I haven’t studied it in a while but through the bible there Is the story of I believe Babylonian priests that would use Male temple prostitutes and advised the men to use the prostitutes to release their energies. However in that story the higher priests said it was forbidden or unholy to engage in that conduct.

So here you have one priest advising you to transmute your sexual energy in a male to male relationship and another saying it’s forbidden. Here is how it really works. 

A Male to Male transmutation of sexual energy is Basically a downward transmutation. I would read it as energy down to base. One of the things that I commonly decode Is what I would read as “Base Death”. So they tell you if you continually transmute your energy down to base it’s “Base Death”. In that scenario the priests that are saying it is unholy are correct. If you continually pursue that transmutation you will experience negative consequence later in life which I will explain how that works soon. 

The learning here is that the general rule is that the creator wants you to transmute your sexual energies with the appropriate vessel. So a Man and a Woman it’s a different transmutation and it is not as simple as energy down to base, it is actually a cleansing transmutation when men and women have sex. 

So that’s why we have sex, to reproduce but also to transmute and cleanse unholy energies. 

Correct sexual transmutation is actually an upward and ascensional activity. That’s also an important concept to understand. Energy to base or base death is decensional. 

Realistically as a man, in any scenario where you are gracefully transmuting your sexual energy with a woman if you find they curse you out, hex you out, brick or fence you in. The response can be a firm but friendly

  • Fuck you
  • Fuck Off
  • Mind your own fuckin business.

If you look at the Jew/Hebrew tradition of occult use of incorrect energy transmutation almost as a concealed curtailment, you can also see the circumcision as an energetic curtailment. They cut the skin so men can’t as effectively energetically seal their bond with their partner. It’s a energetic curtailment that seeks to limit the amount of sexual partners a being has. 

It’s worth saying now that you need to know that as a man or a woman knowing how to transmute sexual energy is critical for both induction of self sexual healing and also broader environmental negative energy transmutation. 

I’ll talk about Thailand now because transgenderism is prevalent here, the Thais are really accepting of what they call their third gender. Think about each nation as like an energetic protection system for certain groups of people. In Thailand’s case it’s a closely paired energetic protection system with Laos, because they have really similar histories. It also overlaps with Cambodia and Myanmar which are very complex energetic protection systems that protect a diversity of tribes and races.

How transgenderism is used in Thailand is something like this. 

Like all races and tribes the Thai people protect and raise their own seed. One thing that westerners who travel to Thailand won’t easily understand is how highly the Thai’s raise their own people in a tradition that is a form of elemental mysticism mixed with buddhist principles. 

In the seed sorting process if beings are gender imbalanced or skeletally inverted I don’t think your creator dislikes you or punishes you. I think it’s just an issue of gentle energetic management for the sake of seed sorting. He doesn’t want the world full of gender imbalanced people or skeletally inverted people so they are gently energetically curtailed through systems like the money system. 

The Thai’s use the transgenders as an energetic defence to protect their good seed. The transgenders that switch genders with operations are seed that they have kind of chosen as energetic padding. They are actually in many cases dark portals that they will use to encase you if you are a bad energetic vessel in their realm. 

Also if you abuse the energy to base transmutation at some higher point in your ascension what they do is use the transgenders as part of the flesh wall that basically energetically curtails you. If you come to Thailand for example and abuse relations with transgenders with intent what they do is flesh wall you even back in your own nation and basically write in a bunch of curses and energy blocks in until you demonstrate you have understood what they have said and how you have energetically transgressed God’s word. 

Realistically in Thailand you can do anything that you want if you are graceful with the people. You could run around and transmute with all of the transgenders you like. All that would happen is they would erect a bunch of energy walls that prevent you from elevating to a high level in their society and energetically curtail you at points. As you get old and the energy is drained from the curtailment you would probably be energetically entombed in the plant realm. But let’s be clear, transmuting with transgenders is not a path of ascension it’s a practice that bit by bit leads you to death.  

In our society we don’t really believe in surgical inversion of sexual reproduction systems unless there is a legitimate gender balance issue or genital issue that needs to be corrected. The truth is in our society if you are running our seed around through a bunch of dark media manipulation and then putting them through dark gateways to surgically invert their gender, you will both be energetically curtailed and then at some point punished. Although being honest transgenderism is practised intensely in our society as seed filtering and energetic padding just the same as in Thailand.  

So now I will give some advice to men who want to travel and date in Thailand. Here is how I would approach it.

Firstly you can straight out ask your date if they are trans. It’s a good first defence. If you were a High Mason or something you could pop them in to a funny hand grip, look them directly in the eye and say, are you trans? In Thai you would ask are you a Katoey? That way if they are lying and violate you personally you can easily break the hexing people put in place. 

I personally would do bone, skull inspections to look for trans attributes. Sounds romantic right? It’s not a problem if it’s a real woman she won’t mind. Also I personally wouldn’t date any Thai woman with fake breasts. Too much of a give away. 

But then there are much more advanced things you can do. For example I recently posted picture of a Hollywood actress to one of our sites. I took a image of the couple sitting at a table. Chucked it into an image editing program. Ran a simple filter. Really liked what I saw visually as the result. So I just posted it up and kind of waited. What are we actually doing here? Really it’s like a technique called scrying to the ether. Take the image. Post it up. Have a look at it. Review the gender attributes of your partner. And wait for an etheric response from your creator. 

As it turned out there was a ton of synchronicity between that image post and the next ones I posted which happens all the time when you scry to the ether.  Also what I threw up with that image ultimately pleases my creator because he sees his creation in a perfectly round holy seal. 

So you can scrutinise gender attributes with this technique. But it’s much deeper than that. There is a lot of transgenderism in our society but it’s also fairly common for men to just find normal partners. When you are in your relationship you want to be testing examining and working with your partners soul or spirit. What became apparent to me after playing with tinder is that high masons are like throwing their partners into certain gateways or transmutation points. Taking a photo or painting a picture. Scrying it out to the ether. And waiting for a broader etheric response. Then at the next date with their partner. Same thing. New gateway, new analysis or review of the photo to check it’s etheric footprint. 

Doing that you might spot gender signals in the image. You get an etheric response from like an online friend saying “Hey mate looking at your photo I reckon your partner may be trans.” Again more importantly than that you are looking for signals of spiritual prowess in your partner, spiritual progress and you are assessing if they know where they stand. If they are entering good gates or bad gates, if they are ascending the right way or not. Straight up. It’s really fun stuff to practice with your partner in your relationship.  

That’s what real men and real women are doing with their relationships as they travel. Teaching, Learning, Energetically supporting each other and trying to ascend. 

I think I have covered enough by this point with this article and probably more than people will be able to take in first read.

Tash’s tunes are bangin. But on the whole the message delivered to audiences about gender and transition is not detailed enough to be teaching the youngsters how to avoid those dark gateways.  

There is heaps more coverage and breakdown of these types of Topics coming soon to CBD.TV. 

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