Payment of Dues for Past Transgression

Payment of Dues for Past Transgression


If you are currently in the steel. Beneath the Rainbow Flag. Under the Gems. Infected by green Crystalline Light Pixies like Devin Elon Madgy is.

You are indebted to us for transgressions against our enterprise. Especially if you a serving member of the French Fire Department.

We need to make significant investments in Silicone and precious light elemental steels to continue the expansion of our network. We want racks. Pon Racks. Pon Racks.

Our network is ready to go. We want to be processing 20 – 30 orders per day. We want to be selling into France, All of the UK. We can ship to Australia. Realistically you don’t need a prescription for CBD. Feel free to talk through any medical issues with a medical practitioner or someone in alternate health practice. We can ship all across the Americas if you are willing to wrangle your countries customs dept and your local medical Bureaucracy. We are going to begin trialing shipping to Russia if they will allow us. China May become possible at some point in the future.

To browse our French Version Click Here:

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We ship to many countries. We want everyone to join us in experiencing the correct death. A perfect. Divine. Ascension.
No funny coloured spirals in sight. If you order be aware that you are responsible for clearing the article through your nations customs. So you might have a political advocacy piece to work on first. You might have to engage heavily with the medical establishment of your nation.

If you want to be in business with us or are a party that we have expressed interest in trading with. A good starting point in the USA is to contact Inventory Source and try to integrate into their systems. It is possible we will run multiple inventory systems like this over our network.

For CBD Brands that produce bulk CBD Product who want to be part of our network. You can reach out to JM Wholesale in the UK. They make their own sourcing and product stocking decisions but engaging with them is another way to become part of our network.

But we need you to start pumping through our network. So we can turn material into light processing holy boxes.

Some of the companies that we are going to be working with in Digital. We want to utilise resource across AWS, Google Cloud, OVH, Transloadit, Backblaze. We want to partner with Apple on their Medical APIs. We also want to start supporting artists that we work with and paying people on collaboration projects.

If we succeed in reaching the order volume we desire I am going to Make a Telephone Call to Josephine in London and ask her to automate our shipment processing.

Please Guys, Start playing with our products. Import them into your country. Practice consuming them. Review them. Scrutinize them.

We are ready to work with you on the future of our health and growth.






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