CBD.TV to welcome CBD Medical Testimony Videos

CBD.TV to welcome CBD Medical Testimony Videos

There is a strange irony we have noticed when browsing international CBD stores.

Some of them post statements such as “These products are not intended to Diagnose, treat or cure any disease.” They are publishing these statements because they are obviously required to by medical authorities.

But it poses the question – Why would you sell CBD if it didn’t have any beneficial effect on any type of disease?

When businesses are forced to resort to legalese they may be covering their back from regulations imposed by authorities. But at the same time they may not be being entirely truthful about what they are selling.

Some say that legalese isn’t really language at all.

With the gaining popularity of CBD – we see a real risk with the enforcement of stock legalese across industry websites, that consumers will perceive CBD as a tacky marketing trend that has no real medicinal benefits.

That’s not what CBD is. But by the same token, Claiming that CBD Cures everything would be unhelpful and dishonest.

From my experience ingesting pure CBD provides energy to your nervous system and provides energy to your consciousness. This alone undoubtedly has the ability to help people with many conditions and will compliment the bodies natural healing process. Having these compounds at our disposal is both an asset and a basic human right.

Legalese does nothing for anyone but medical regulation bodies.

What we actually need is answers. We don’t have any objection to CBD vendors making medical claims. As long as they are factual and backed by experience and data. Over time bodies of data will be established and people will know precisely when and what to use CBD for. Legalese wont help accomplish this goal.

As a consequence of these problems, it is our intention to allow customers to upload videos with natural medical testimonies so we can build a body of data on the benefits of CBD.

And we will not be publishing legalese on our websites.

Marketing has a tendency to lead to the problem of hasty and exaggerated claims. But claiming that Cannabis extracts have a positive impact on health is not lofty at all. The solution is not being modest, it is being detailed and accurate. Although modern marketing technologies may allow a plethora of players to participate in CBD and many claims to be made – the same technologies allow for information to be analysed and claims to be validated.

In the coming weeks CBD.TV will be launching video uploads and CBD consumers will be welcome to upload their own experiences working with the CBD compound.




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