CBD.TV To Begin Publishing Light Pop Culture Media.

CBD.TV To Begin Publishing Light Pop Culture Media.

In an attempt to spice up our work and bring to life the media aspects of our platform we are going to begin to publish ‘light touch’ Pop culture media.

CBD.TV is not just designed to be a retail outlet, but also a media platform for the broader industry.

It’s a bit hard for us to figure out when we can use other peoples image and how they will feel about it.

We will ultimately be conscious of what we cover. CBD.TV is the right project for this. Not our Vape projects. People
probably don’t want their image on a Vape website so much. CBD is so warm and fuzzy that I think I can make people
compelled to be a part of what we are creating just on the strength of what we output.

In a couple of weeks time I will be speaking on youtube about a distant future project that I wish embark on.

But with our immediate work, There will be posting and editorial from our self, there will be moderated user contribution and
there will also be a background layer that will be talent management. I think for the emerging talent, it will not be hard for us to do small, level business deals with creators that are ultimately favourable for all parties involved.

Expect occasional pop culture commentary and coverage on CBD.TV Coming soon.









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