CBD.TV Creator to Publish Self Introduction Video to Youtube.

CBD.TV Creator to Publish Self Introduction Video to Youtube.

This is just a short post to announce in the coming weeks CBD.TV Founder will be publishing an introduction video to our youtube channel.

During the video I intend to basically introduce myself, talk a little bit about our background and introduce some projects that are coming down the pipeline, some in years to come. I’ll be talking briefly about 3 Future projects in the video.

It’s nothing to get excited about at all. It’s just that I realised I had forgotten the basic social grace of a self introduction. I’m like that. I forget the grace and get buried in the doing.

I have to tell you – even though Im saying that the video is nothing to be excited about, we have two videos coming really soon that are something to get excited about.

  1. Im going to be publishing a Decode Video soon that is going to be the start of some really deep teaching in to an occult concept that is Ultra powerful.
  2. Ive got in our production pipeline a 100 Sub Special. Not going to tell you what it’s going to be about. But as we hit 100 Subs i’m going to start putting my focus on getting that produced. It’s also going to contain really compelling really stunning information.

That’s all guys,

More soon from CBD.TV


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